• Stacy Lee Ollmann



I spend a lot of time wondering where I “fit” in the art world. Do I fit? Does fitting even matter?? I’m not the kind of artist who paints lovely landscapes or florals or abstracts that look awesome hanging behind your couch. Sometimes I wish I was…but I’m not. I could do portraits of you or your pet, and sometimes I do (but I usually don’t).

I make sculptures, a cast of characters that convey ideas, express emotions, tell stories… I’ve heard that I shouldn’t have to explain my pieces, that the art should speak for itself, stand on its own… but the ideas, emotions and stories that are attached are as much a part of my art as the materials that go into them and the process itself. Others often recognize and can relate to the story or resonate deeply with the emotion. In these moments I feel I’m connecting at a soul level with those kindred spirits who somehow understand.

Occasionally my studio time ceases to be satisfying and begins to feel like drudgery. This usually happens when I spend too much time looking at social media and comparing myself to other artists. Those are the days when I must remind myself of WHY I do what I do.

I do it because it makes my heart sing. Expressing myself through my strange, little characters brings me joy. If I’m not feeling the JOY, I need to reassess what I’m doing and make some changes. It does not serve me to strive to be like anybody else. I only wish to be me and gratefully accept that each new day provides me the opportunity to choose a BIGGER idea of WHO and WHAT I am.

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