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About the Artist.....

Stacy Lee Ollmann is a Milwaukee artist working primarily in mixed media sculpture. She lives and works a short walk from the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan with her husband Scott, two orange cats and sweet old beagle named Bria.

"Studio time has become a spiritual practice for me.  It’s an exercise in being fully present in the moment (without the awareness of the passage of minutes and hours). I immerse my attention in the tactile quality of the clay, the richness and variety of the colors, the consistency of the paint on my brush . . . I fall in love with the subtle emotions that emerge upon the faces of my creations. The studio is my temple; the creative process my meditation."

                                                                                   ~S. Ollmann


  • July 19th-20th  Milwaukee's Historical Third Ward Gallery Night/Day I'll be in the Fabulous Marshall building (Water st. and Buffalo) on the 1st floor at Gallery 207.                                                                              

  • May-October 2019 - My sculpture can be found in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin at the Cappaert Contemporary Galley in Egg Harbor!                 

  • 2019 You can find my work in the eclectic Gallery 207 in the Marshall Building in Milwaukee.